Luxury skincare, Ayurveda wisdom

Soil to Skin

Nature-based solutions to elevate beauty and well-being from within

With skin health and balance at the core of our craft, we utilize the true gifts that nature has to offer, and green nanotechnology  to formulate unique skin care products for optimal results, that deliver an integrated approach to human and planetary health.

Our Purpose

We want to shine a light on organic skincare as a way of life, using the power of nature to heal and balance, while supporting indigneous women farmers and their communities in The Himalayas and Amazonia, and restoring our ecosystems.

How are we different ?

  • No greenwashing here, our ingredients are 100% natural. At UNAKTI the promises are genuine, and the aim of the project is to be regenerative besides financially profitable.
  • We harness a multi-faceted digital strategy that embraces conscious luxury and natural organic skin care by showcasing and embracing an unprecedented level of transparency and authenticity into the entire manufacturing process, powered by blockchain.
  • By demonstrating unparalleled expertise around the science behind our products, we build credibility amongst well-informed consumers
  • By the way, we will display our carbon impact on product labels, and plan to become carbon negative by 2025

The true luxury

With globalization and mass production, traditional luxury products are now considered ordinary.
The tide is shifting, also in the luxury sector, having a brand new set of attributes:
  • inside-out wellbeing and balance
  • reconnection to the inner self
  • re-rooting, sense of belonging
  • community enhancement
 While we’re getting ready for our launching in early 2022, you can find our products on our previous site, click .

Our unique advantage

  • Regenerative organic herbal farming
  • Women empowerment, farmers support, community development
  • Unique access to rare and endangered, medicinal and aromatic high-value plants on location
  • Proven efficacy, and transformative results
  • Our technology
  • On line coaching skincare and life-changing methodology, according to Ayurveda principles, exclusive to our by-invite-only digital platform customers

Holistic ancient rituals that awaken your deepest senses, bring you closer to nature, and balance your body, mind and soul


In cosmetics, means the science of manipulating atoms and molecules, smaller than 100 nanometers, so that can cross anatomic barriers and reach the deepest layers of the skin.

Precision targeted delivery

Increased stability and bio-absorption

Enhanced bio-availability

Sustained release of safe and efficacious herbal compounds

Increased therapeutic value 

Our herbal extracts

All herbs are grown and measured according to Ayurvedic scripts, plucked at a particular time and season. Shade dried and hand pounded, to keep the valuable properties of the plants. We don’t use machine grinding as the temperature increase of the herbs would damage their properties.

The herbs are hand pounded until manipulated into fine nano-particles. Then we make herbal extracts through steam distillation. That extract is converted into nano-herbal extracts called liposomes. The entire process takes 1 to 10 weeks, some extracts take even months.

The journey

“The toxic overload in our human systems and natural resources, is threatening our existence and survival as species”.

My name is Susana Gago, I’m a creative alchemist and a regenpreneur.

Immersing myself in Nature over the last 2 decades, I’ve achieved a deep understanding and connection to the plant world, and learned about their amazing natural abilities to heal and work in harmony with the body.

My inspiration comes from a genuine and inherent sense of reality – from a deep well of consciousness that I can tap into through simple daily rituals. 

As a result, my environmental and human impact endeavors are guided by something much more profound than personal gain.

They are driven by a committed, innate sense of discipline – rooted in a deep understanding that when we are conscious of our actions and what affects us, we are able to make better decisions, be more mindful, and enjoy a better quality of live.

I believe strongly in the power of education to make a difference in the world. I am inspired by the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda which encourages humans to live deeply and responsibly by guiding their thoughts and actions towards peace, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Our quest goes beyond just a fresh, glowing skin or external beauty: The preservation of biodiversity and community development, coming together to do ’good’ for humanity and the earth.

Our concerns

  • The devastation of our ecosystems and life existential threat.
  • Toxicity overload in food, drinks, cosmetics, and personal care products.
  • The raise in health issues related to unhealthy lifestyles.
  • We are drowning in plastic!

Our actions

  • The future of medicine is based on Ancient wisdom, nature, modern science and future technologies, and we are holistically integrating all of them as a whole.
  • With extraordinary proven results from the inside-out, we provide gender-inclusive products formulated with the finest treasures than nature has to offer.
  • At the same time, we are regenerating ecosystems and providing with livelihoods, empowering women and supporting community growth.
  • We are developing our own custom sustainable, reusable packaging with unique material innovations.